Admission to the Use of the Library

  • All members of the University staff, students and alumni as stipulated in the KyU Act, 2012.
  • Non-members of the University showing particular need may apply to the University Librarian. lf approved a member will pay 100 per day or  kshs 3000 per year and can only use the information materials in the library.


  • All prospective or aspiring users must be registered as library members.
  • All registered users will be issued with library borrowing tickets. The tickets must be produced whenever books are borrowed and on demand by library staff.
  • The Library tickets must not be lent to other people and loss of any tickets should be reported immediately to the Circulation Librarian.
  • The University identification card must be produced whenever demanded by Library Staff for the purpose of correct identification.

Exclusion from Use of the Library

  • The Library Committee shall have power to suspend or exclude from all use of the Library, any user who persistently disregards Library Regulations, or, for any other adequate cause, shall be considered to be, in it’s in its opinion undesirable.

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